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      Juplink Intelligent Technologies Co., Ltd. is committed to providing the most convenient local area network interconnection and Internet access means for the public, providing high quality and high performance price for the increasing use of the network in the life, work and entertainment of the public. Than the wireless network solution.

      On the product side, Juplink turns ideas into innovative web products that connect people, enhance the business and enhance our lifestyle. Product planning is centered on household products. With the new and fast network technology, Juplink makes it easy for you to have a smart everyday home life. With our range of easy-to-use products, you can usually watch streaming movies at night, and you can enjoy almost anything on your tablet without buffering. From advanced wireless Internet connectivity to superior streaming, remote home video surveillance and storage solutions, your home networking system is ready to deliver the speed, coverage and performance you need. Juplink focuses on everything related to networking, and our goal is to give you a seamless online experience.